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Life at home, office, school and almost everywhere has been made much easier with the introduction of instant hot water boiler brands. There are counter top, under sink and wall mounted water boilers as several of the models to choose from. 888-335-3234


Water fountains

The installation of drinking water fountains has also been done particularly in schools, malls and other commercial places and they provide easy and efficient access to filtered water.


Importance of water

The sections that follow will discuss the different models of instant hot water boilers and the importance of water fountains for safe drinking.

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Instant Hot Water Boilers

These appliances are available in wall mounted, under sink and countertop models. They effectively eliminate the need of using a kettle to boil water intended for making tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other drinks as well as in preparing baby formula and instant food products such as noodles and oats.

Kettles are noted to present safety risks when they contain boiling hot water. They can scald people and cause damage to surfaces.

With instant hot water boilers, the use of kettles is greatly minimized. The busier the environment and the bigger the need for the boilers are, the more efficient the appliances become.

Hot Water Boilers 3 Types

We at Boiler Crew use three types of hot water boilers that can be bought in traditional stores and online shops. They differ in size and features and it is up to consumers to ascertain which type suits their needs best.

The first type Boiler Crew use is the tank type or storage hot water boiler. It is the most commonly used among the three types. It needs installation as it is plumbed directly to the mains water supply. Whether placed in an under sink, countertop or fixed to the wall, it heats the water and dispenses it hot through the sink faucet. It has essential built in features such as water filter and adjustable thermostat. It does not need to be filled and it is able to produce hot water in large amounts. It keeps the water absolutely hot all the time.

The second type Boiler Crew use is the boil on demand or tankless hot water boilers. Since it has no tank at all, it is relatively light and portable. It is small and is therefore a space saver. It is cheap and requires no installation or plumbing. It wastes no electricity as it heats only the required water. It is ideal for heating at a time two cupfuls of water and needs to be refilled. It is more eco friendly and able to last longer than its tank counterpart.

The third type Boiler Crew use is the electric heat pump or thermo pot electric kettle hot water boiler. Just like the tankless type, it needs no installation and is portable. It has either a built in electric pump or manual push down pump. It has an adjustable thermostat and requires refilling since it typically has a maximum water capacity of 5 liters. It operates by heating water in the pot like an electric kettle does and then the hot water is to be readily pumped out by the built in electric or manual pump.

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